Independent Career:

25. Proteomic and functional analyses of the periodic membrane skeleton in neurons.

R Zhou, B Han, R Nowak, Y Lu, E Heller, C Xia, AH Chishti, VM Fowler, X Zhuang. Nature Communications 13, 3196 (2022)

Prior to Penn State:

Selected publications:

22. Visualizing and discovering cellular structures with super-resolution microscopy.

Y Sigal, R Zhou, X Zhuang. Science 361, 880-887 (2018)

21. Structural organization of the actin-spectrin–based membrane skeleton in dendrites and soma of neurons

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19. Real-time imaging of translation on single mRNA transcripts in live cells.

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14. Measuring mechanical tension across vinculin reveals regulation of focal adhesion dynamics.

C Grashoff , BD Hoffman, MD Brenner, R Zhou, M Parsons, MT Yang, M A. McLean, SG Sligar, CS Chen, T Ha and MA Schwartz. Nature 466, 263–266 (2010)

Highlighted in Nature 466, 192–193 (2010): Sensing tension

Other publications:

10. Developmental mechanism of the periodic membrane skeleton in axons.

G Zhong, J He, R Zhou, D. Lorenzo, HP Babcock, V Bennett, X Zhuang. eLife 3, e04581 (2015)

9. Structural mechanisms of PriA-mediated DNA replication restart.

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1. Fluorescence-force spectroscopy at the single molecule level.

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